FTDI Connection
FTDI Connection

Programming Instructions

To upgrade your m!lTone firmware you will need an FTDI programming cable and a windows computer. We will use avrdude directly from the command line. Create a directory called "milToneUpgrade" in your documents folder. Then download and move the files below into the milToneUpgrade folder.

FTDI Connection

Let's update the m!lTone bootloader before upgrading the firmware. First we will need to connect our FTDI cable to the computer via USB and the 6-pin side to the FTDI port on the m!lTone as shown on the figure to the left. Find the black wire on the 6-pin side and line it up with the "GND" label on the PCB. The GND pin is the topmost of the six pin PTDI port.

COM Port Number

Turn the m!lTone on and press the following two keys on your keyboard: Windows + R . This will open the Run window shown below. Type "devmgmt.msc" in the window to open windows device manager. Expand the "Ports (COM & LPT)" dropdown and take a note of the COM port. We will need the COM port number of the FTDI cable connection to upgrade our bootloader and firware. Replace the one occurence per command of "#" for the commands below with the COM number noted for your FTDI connection. The COM port below shows COM11 yours may be different.

m!lTone User Guide m!lTone User Guide

Cygwin Info

It is not required to use cygwin to upgrade your m!lTone. You may simply follow the windows console instructions below. If you would like to try the cygwin route first you need to download and install cygwin from the official website https://www.cygwin.com/. Once downloaded and installed run cygwin and a console should appear.

Open your windows or cygwin console. Type "cd c:" to change directory to your c: drive. From here change directory "cd" to the path of the milTone upgrade folder. You can also drag and drop the folder to the console and the path name will be copied over. If you type in "dir" or "ls" in cygwin it will show the contents of the directory of which you should see the files you downloaded above. We can now proceed to the upgrade instructions below.

Command Upgrade

Now we can begin our upgrade. In windows console or cygwin change directory to the path of "milToneUpgrade" directory. and run the command below. Remember to replace "#" with your COM port number

The image belows shows success of the firmware upgrade.

upgrade success

or in cygwin console we run:

Verify Upgrade

Now we can verify the m!lTone firmware is version 1.8.x . Navigate to the "Settings->Software Version" menu and check that it displays "Version 1.8.x". At this point it is absolutely necessary to do a factory reset. Navigate to "Settings->Factory Reset" and select yes. Do this twice and switch your m!lTone off and on. Congratulations you have succesfully upgraded your m!lTone. If you need further assistance please contact support@miltone.net