• Explore different sounds and moods with over 200 scales from all over the world
  • Continuous Air, Weighted Air, and Discrete Air modes
  • Exotic veneered enclosure
  • Lightweight and portable


  • MIDI OUT/IN (software-THRU)
  • Stereo ΒΌ inch audio output jack
  • 9V battery/DC adapter powered


The m!lTone is a user-friendly and programable Air synth that houses an ATMega1284P microcontroller as its computing core. The m!lTone has an official software base that is open source and easily customizable. Program your own scales, sounds, and more!

Daisy Chain

Connect m!lTones together with a MIDI cable and try the time synchronize feature to perform music and actions at the same beat as the tempo controlling m!lTone.

User Guide

Navigate here to learn more about the m!lTone.

m!lTone Upgrade

Navigate here for instructions.

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